• Included in the itinerary of greatest “World Music” festivals in Europe, the MED Festival takes place in the Historical Centre of Loulé. Along with the musical alignment that brings to Portugal the best music references in the world, this festival also combines gastronomy, plastic arts, street entertainment, handicraft, dancing, workshops, and much more, with the clear objective of promoting the various cultures from around the world.

    MED was born in 2004, under the program "Loulé, Host City" of Euro 2004 in an attempt to create a festival with "different and unique music" that promoted the Municipality, providing a different and quality tourist offer to revitalize the historic city. 

    In 2016, the MED Festival celebrates its 13th anniversary and, in this edition, it will continue asserting itself as a reference event in the national and European scene, consolidating the differentiating concept that lies in its origin. Over the years, the MED Festival has achieved high levels of acceptance by the public and gained notoriety and international popularity, attracting a growing interest from critics and tourists who choose the Algarve as a holiday destination. Its strong identity and trademark give it prominence in the itineraries of summer festivals held in Europe.