• The 1st edition of the Festival MED started in 2004, aiming the creation of a festival with “different and unique music”, which would enhance the promotion of the municipality.
    Thus, to promote and revitalize the city's Historic Area, from a perspective of cultural dynamism and, at the same time, to spread the culture of the countries of the Mediterranean Basin and the tourist image in the summer season.
    Over 17 editions, the Festival MED has consolidated as an anchor event in the regional, national and European context. The number of visitors and “fans” grew year after year, so the area has been expanding practically with each edition.
    On the other hand, the Festival MED is an initiative that significantly contributes to the promotion, recovery, enhancement and sustainability of buildings and preservation of the built historical heritage.
    In relation to tourism, the Festival MED aims, since the beginning, to encourage sustainable tourism and promote quality.