MED Cinema

  • In this edition, Cinema MED presents a different way of experiencing the seventh art: the Cine-Concerts. The films screened (07:15 p.m.) will be set to live music, but this space will also feature daily DJs (10:15 p.m.). The proposals are as follows: June 30th, “Todo o Cinema do Mundo”, Cine-Concert by JP Simões, and DJs Rui Pedro Tendinha/Marie Lopes; July 01st – “Sistema Sonoro” by Bando à Parte (Pedro Bastos, Jorge Quintela and Rodrigo Areias), and DJ Pedro Ramos (futura Rádio de Autor); July 02nd – “Dentre” by Joaquim Pavão, and DJ Pedro Ramos (futura Rádio de Autor). At the end of the Festival, on July 03rd, at 10:30 p.m., “Surdina” is presented with a cine-concert by Tó Trips, the former Deab Combo who returns to Loulé, this time solo.
    It is once again organized by the film critic Rui Tendinha and the production is by Loulé Film Office. The space will take place on Rua do Município, next to the Loulé Town Hall building.