• “I remain in a landscape of infinity” – Exhibition by Bertílio Martins and Vasco Célio

    “I remain in a landscape of infinity” is an exhibition by the artists Bertílio Martins and
    Vasco Célio, organized by Miguel Cheta and Mirian Tavares. Through different
    techniques, from drawing to photography, painting and installation, the artists
    establish a dialogue with themselves, with the public and with the idea of death, which
    astonishes and overshadows us. But death here is a gesture of creation, of recognition
    of the cycle of life – infinite, like the stars that remain shining even when they have
    already turned to dust.

    Galeria de Arte do Convento do Espírito Santo – Loulé
    Opening: June 29th, 06:00 p.m.


    ''The Mystic Path'' was designed to embrace the visitor’s journey connecting the space and body sensations, inviting the visitor to feel the process of the energy transforming into a full body sensory experience.
    This event is in a multi-sensory scenario, where the visitor will be stimulated to feel their body senses, as the mist followed by light and music encircle the visitor into the environment, tracing these creative moments with their own path into the Festival MED.

    Rua do Municipio - Loulé
    June 30th to july 2nd  - 09:00p.m. to 03.00 a.m.