• “Fundamentals of the Memory” by Luís Rodrigues – image by Le Clos
    Art Gallery of the Espírito Santo Convent
    From June 18 to August 27

    “Fundamentals of the Memory” by Luís Rodrigues – image by Le Clos
    Luís Rodrigues, in his pictorial dialectic, makes a path out of his work, a persistent loner, and through the continuity of his work he is able to achieve an extraordinary variant, called Painting.
    Certainly in his painting he will make us travel within each frame, in each work, as if the world started to grow, living the doubt as to where it begins and ends. On the dialectic of memory, we run abstraction that is the vertical force entered in time, which brings us the artist’s way of being permanent... here's the visible path.

    “Guitars of the world” Imagination, Color, Rhythm and melody inspired by the work of Teresa Paulino.

    Claustro do Convento Espírito Santo
    During the days of MED Festival

    Nine classes of the Kindergarten and Primary with the guidance of the artist Teresa Paulino developed a cross platform in different curriculum areas. For six months students between the ages of 3 and 10 years old studied techniques, colors and shapes to give body to a project that can now be seen by all in the exhibition: "Guitars of the world."
    After a visit to the exhibition "Rhythms and Melodies," this was presented at the Art Gallery “Praça do Mar” in Quarteira, students engaged in a visual arts project which mainly was inspired by the Portuguese guitar.
    The bridge with the music subject allowed students to be introduced to various types of string instruments and culminated with a musical journey across the Americas and Europe presented by the Quartet Concordis (Eudoro Grade, Rui Martina, John Sale and Rui Mourinho).

    Ten years of MED Festival
    "Casa do Castelo" Castle House (Largo D. Pedro I square)

    During the days of the MED Festival

    To celebrate these 10 years of exhibitions, the Med Festival will hold for the first time a second exhibition in Largo Dom Pedro I (square), next to the Castle, with a selection of some of the works that have been at the festival over the years.
    We hope you enjoy the exhibitions and the festival... And look forward to the next 10 years!
    The exhibition will take place in "Casa do Castelo" (Castle House), located at the Largo Pedro I (square), in Loulé.

    “A Torre de Babel” (Tower of Babel)

    During the days of the MED Festival

    Welcome to the tenth edition of Street ART. We celebrated this year with a new theme… the Tower of Babel... God, in his wisdom, confused people with different languages and scattered them around the world. This festival brings people together and gives them a common language... Music.
    Artists were given the topic and only one instruction: to use cardboard boxes.
    As curators we wanted to create a street within a street. But the scale has changed - we are bigger than the towers, just as in Gulliver's Travels.