MED Jazz

  • MED JAZZ by mákina de cena
    In the Convent, where in previous years there was a space dedicated to Fado, this year Jazz will be in evidence. With the partnership of Mákina de Cena, concerts with Vale, Juliette Serrad, Marco Martins’Low Profile, Heiko Bloemers, Maria Villanueva and Desidério Lázaro Quarteto will take place here, promising  proposals for lovers (and not only) of the Jazz universe.
    By creating an area dedicated to this style of music from New Orleans, the aim is to open up the Festival's range of proposals.

    Convent Espírito Santo
    Vale (Portugal)
    Juliette Serrad (France)
    Marco Martins’Low Profile (Portugal)
    Heiko Bloemers (Germany)
    Maria Villanueva (Spain)
    Desidério Lázaro Quarteto (Portugal)