Street Art

  • Street Arts
    Entertainment will be in every corner of the Historic Area of Loulé, in the streets, alleys and squares where you can breathe the true atmosphere of the Mediterranean. From Cante Alentejano – Heritage of Intangible Culture of Humanity – to international folklore, passing through fanfares, juggling and fire shows, there will be dozens of entertainers in constant interaction with the public. They will also create unforgettable memories in the visitors.

    June 30th • Cante Alentejano
    Vozes da Aldeia (Men's Choir Group)
    Estevas em Flor (Women's Choir Group)

    July 01st • Cante Alentejano
    Amigos do Rosário (Men's Choir Group)

    July 03rd
    • Bombos Infantis – Rui Pena and Pedro Branco

    • International Folklore: Grupo Danzas Venezolanas Araguaney (08:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.)
    • Associação Artística Satori
    • Al-Fanfare
    • Rakattha

    • Música Suspensa