Baltazar Fortuna is angry. With men, with life, with God and with himself. Fortuna (Fortune), only his name. And above all, he is angry with women. With the three women in his life. So, he returns to Xigovia – the small village in southern Mozambique where they live – with a clear objective: to kill. Yes, to kill. To kill bad luck, to sweep away bad fortune and correct the life he chose to live.  Along the way, women have to be killed as well. They are guilty, he has no doubt about that. He, who was always afraid of words, wants to redeem himself in deeds. The only obstacle? They don't want to collaborate, they don't want to die. They have their own ideas. That, he knows well, is the problem of the world: they are putting ideas into women's heads. Right in them, says Fortuna, that 'Since Eve, they have gone against the grain'. Death will be in Xigovia, that's for sure. Mia Couto and José Eduardo Agualusa show in this short story - adapted to the stage with dramaturgy by Mia Couto - the conflict between a peri-urban Mozambique, which hesitates between a ballast of ancestral traditions and practices crystallised in dominant male mentalities; and a new country, with galloping demography, full of young people who, every day, see themselves less and less in the inherited cultural structures and in the social practices they impose. The conflict between Baltazar Fortuna and his wives – Mariana Chubichuba, Judite Malimali and Ermelinda Feitinha – inevitably leads to the death of a social imbalance where the place of women and men, is vigorously questioned and solved in each option, in every attitude, in every gesture of the present.

    ARTISTIC SHEET Authors: Mia Couto and José Eduardo Agualusa Dramaturgy: Mia Couto Theatre Directors: Clotilde Guirrugo and Vítor Gonçalves Actors: Angelina Chavango, Horácio Guiamba, Joana Mbalango, Josefina Massango and Violeta Mbilane Costumes: Sara Machado Scenography: Évaro Abreu Music: Shigeru Umebayashi Sound: Pedro da Silva Pinto Luz Iodine: Quito Tembe Dressmaker: Edmundo Matsiyelana Graphic designer: Évaro Abreu Scenario construction: António Leonardo, Leonardo Banze and Patrício Simbine Carpentry: Charles and Naftal Nhacume Electricity: Arlindo Boca Locksmith: Sérgio Bambo Light Assistants: Francisco Baloi and Mateus Nhamuche Co-production: FFLC (António Sive, Clotilde Guirrugo, Guilhermina Oliveira, Leonel Matusse Jr, Nelson Matavel, Nunes Chichava, Pablo Ribeiro, Pedro da Silva Pinto) and UEM/ECA/CCU (Alda Costa, Angélica Jamaio, Eulália Matsimbe and Paulino Alfeu) Video: Cine Grupo Sponsor: Cine Grupo and European Union

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Holders of tickets for the Festival MED (Festival Ticket, Daily Ticket or Family Ticket) have free admission, upon collecting their ticket at the physical box office (limited number of tickets). After the play, a conversation with playwright Mia Couto and director Vítor Gonçalves is planned.