The attribution of accreditations is a resposability of the Municipality of Loulé, organizer of the Festival MED 2022.

    1.Accreditation for the Festival MED 2022 is attributed to:

    • Journalists representing local, regional, national or international media, upon presentation of a professional card;
    • Freelancers, with a professional card, upon presentation of it;
    • Freelancers without a professional card, upon presentation of a declaration by a Media Organization and/or upon presentation of an explanatory text describing the objectives of the work to be carried out at the Festival MED;
    • Bloggers whose sites are considered by the organization to be relevant for the promotion of world music.

    2. Accreditation period

    Accreditation requests must be made by June 28, 2022 to the email and must contain the following data:

    • Journalist's name;
    • Name of the Media Organization;
    • Photography;
    • Work cell phone;
    • E-mail;
    • Copy of the Professional Card or statement from the Media Organization;
    • If the request is made by a freelancer, an explanatory text describing the objectives of the work to be carried out at the Festival MED must be sent.

    The journalist is guaranteed to be included in the accreditation list through the confirmation e-mail sent back by our communication services.

    3. Collection of the passes
    Passes must be collected from June 30th, 2022, at the MED Ticket Office, in Praça da República, in front of Loulé Municipal Market.

    4. Accreditation user rights

    • Accredited journalists will be able to move freely through the several public spaces of the Festival, with the exception of the backstage and other reserved areas.
    • Journalists will only have access to the backstage after authorization from the organization.
    • Journalists will have access to the Press Zone, located next to the Cerca Stage, where they can count on the support of communication services, namely obtaining documentation and contacting musicians and other participants of the event for possible interviews. In this space, Wi-Fi will be available.

    5. Obligations of the Accreditation User

    • Accreditation holders will not be able to transmit the pass to another person or use it to introduce non-accredited people into the enclosure;
    • The circulation of accreditation holders in reserved areas is expressly forbidden.

    6. Image capture

    • The organization will make available daily photographs of the different Festival MED initiatives to interested parties.
    • Accredited persons must respect any limitations on photographic coverage imposed by the organization's needs or the artists' requirements;
    • Accredited persons will not be able to make audio or video recordings without the prior authorization of the organization/artists.

    NOTE: The Municipality of Loulé, as the organizer of the Festival MED, requests that after the event, the work on the Festival carried out by accredited journalists be sent to the email Not fulfill this requirement may be a reason to not assign an accreditation in future editions.